Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gulf Air

Gulf Air has revealed a series of changes to its Winter 2008-09 schedule which sees capacity increases in India and Europe in particular. All these changes have been uploaded on major GDS systems. The main highlights are as follows:

CDG - frequencies increased from daily to 9 weekly flights effective Oct 29th. All flights will be flown using an A 332.

DEL - frequencies increased from 10 weekly to double daily i.e. daily A 343 + daily A 320.

DAC - frequencies increased from daily to 10 weekly. All flights are flown using an A 343. (FYI...this increase is already in place)

BOM - frequencies reduced from triple daily to double daily.

BKK - frequencies increased to 11 weekly nonstop flights from BAH i.e. weekly A 332 + 10 weekly A 343s.

HYD - capacity increased from daily A 320 to 5 weekly A 321s + two weekly A 320s.

CCU - capacity increased from 2 weekly A 320s to 2 weekly A 332s effective August 08.

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