Friday, January 8, 2016

China Southern reduces long haul capacity in Summer 2016

China Southern Airlines has officially released a series of frequency reductions for its long haul network for the upcoming IATA S16 season as its overly aggressive approach has not beared fruitful thus far. The main highlights are as follows:

*All flights originate from Guangzhou

LAX - frequencies reduced from double daily to 11 weekly using a B773ER 

SYD - frequencies reduced from triple daily to double daily using an A333 exclusively

AKL - capacity reduced from daily B773ER + daily B788 to double daily B788s exclusively

JFK - frequencies reduced from double daily to 10 weekly using a B773ER

NBO - frequencies reduced from 3 to 2 weekly nonstop using an A332

YVR - capacity increased from daily B788 to daily B773ER

Air China orders 6 more Boeing 77Ws

Air China has officially announced that it has placed a new order with Boeing for 6 additional Boeing 777-300ERs to cater for planned long haul expansion 2017 onwards.

These planes will be configured in their normal 3 class layout seating 313 passengers i.e. 8F + 42J + 263Y. It is expected that the routes identified for the new jets are primarily for North America expansion to be more competitive against rapidly expanding Hainan and China Eastern Airlines.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Etihad downgrades San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur next winter

Etihad Airways has announced significant capacity downgrades for its long haul operations for the IATA W16 season of which the main highlights are as follows:

SFO - capacity reduced from daily B773ER to daily B772LR

KUL - capacity reduced from daily B773ER + daily A332 to a standardized double daily A332 service


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Los Angeles and Geneva increased by Emirates

Emirates has officially announced that it will be significantly increasing its presence in both Los Angeles and Geneva from Summer 2016 onwards. The main highlights are as follows:

LAX - frequencies increased from daily A380 to double daily A380 effective 01JUL

GVA - frequencies increased from daily to double daily B773ERs effective 01JUN

DFW - capacity reduced from daily A380 to daily B773ER


The increase for LAX is easily justified as the market demand there for all the various segments EK serves via DXB. With Iran opening up and considering over 800,000 Iranian emigrants reside in the LA area, this will help boost IKA, MHD and SYZ loads for sure in turn. EK one feels is also going to aggressively target the East/South Africa market segment to/from LAX with this new additional service as this is a niche it can provide that EY/QR cannot as well as they can. 

With regards to GVA being increased to double daily, unfortunately one does not see any commercial logic to it what so ever as the demand is simply not there despite EK's massive onward route network beyond DXB! To even fill year round 60% of a double daily B77W will be a monumental task for EK when there are other markets that deserve a frequency increase such as ADD, BRU and SGN (if bilaterally allowed). Perhaps there are other ulterior motives involved such as to irritate LX/LH, poach away long haul market share bound to Asia especially or this is a good way in which to detour any hope other Asian carriers such as SQ and CX have to serve GVA nonstop in 2017.  

Emirates increases Amsterdam capacity

After receiving approval from the Dutch Government a week ago, Emirates has officially announced that it will be significantly increasing capacity on its Dubai-Amsterdam route effective 01FEB. 

Currently, it operates a daily A380 + daily B777-300ER however from 01FEB onwards, both daily flights will be exclusively operated with the 3 class Airbus A380s.