Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has finally revealed its flight schedules for its new Amritsar and Goa bound flights. The ATQ bound flights, I correctly predicted would be timed as per their current DOH-DEL-DOH flight timings :)

Both ATQ and GOI connect very well in both directions with JFK, IAD, IAH, LON, MAN and GCC markets which are the main target markets to help feed the flight along side O&D traffic volume.

For ATQ, QR will also be targetting the large Sikh community residing in Northern Italy (60,000) and France (10,000) for which its flights connect nicely twice a week via DOH.

Both ATQ and GOI will be flown 4 times per week nonstop from DOH using an Airbus A 320-200.

DOH-ATQ-DOH starts Oct 11th

Frequency: 4 times per week

Days of operation: MON/TUE/FRI/SUN

QR 298 Dep DOH 2140 Arr ATQ 0355+1
QR 299 Dep ATQ 0455 Arr DOH 0615

DOH-GOI-DOH starts Oct 25th

Frequency: 4 times per week

Days of operation: WED/THU/SAT/SUN

QR 224 Dep DOH 2130 Arr GOI 0335+1
QR 225 Dep GOI 0435 Arr DOH 0615

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