Friday, October 28, 2016

UPS orders 28 Boeing 747-8 freighters

UPS has officially announced that it has placed a mega order with Boeing for 28 Boeing 747-8 freighters (14 firm + 14 options) in the deal worth US$ 5.3 billion. 

The airline is the world's largest when it comes to package service delivery and already has 13 B744Fs operating along side 52 AB6Fs + 75 B757Fs + 59 B763Fs and 37 MD11Fs. The 14 firm B748Fs are likely to replace their B744Fs gradually where as the 14 options in due course are expected to be firmed up to replace a size able portion of their MD11F fleet.


Etihad announces major India expansion

Etihad and Jet Airways together have officially announced another round of major expansion of its India-AUH services from the on set of the IATA S17 season. The main highlights effective S17 season are as follows for EY:

1. 4th daily AUH-CCJ service using an A320/A321 combination for all flights

2. Second daily AUH-AMD service using an A320/A321 combination for all flights

9W in turn will expand its AUH presence too in cooperation with EY as follows:

1. Second daily AUH-DEL service
2. New daily Trichy-AUH flights
3. New daily Kannur-AUH flights
4. New daily Chandigarh-AUH flights


Sunday, October 23, 2016

British Airways announces New Orleans

British Airways has officially announced that it will be launching new nonstop services to MSY-New Orleans, USA effective 27MAR as the carrier looks to take advantage of the favorable economics its Boeing 787 fleet provides on medium demand long haul flights.

BA will operate 4 times per week nonstop from LHR using a B788 with the below mentioned schedule:

Days: 1/3/5/6

BA 225 Dep LHR 1540 Arr MSY 1940
BA 224 Dep MSY 2120 Arr LHR 1200+1