Saturday, March 29, 2008

air algerie

Air Algerie has confirmed that due to high demand in the summer peak season, it will be increasing its nonstop flights from its ALG hub to YUL-Montreal from 2 to 3 weekly flights operated by the Airbus A 330-200.


Qantas of Australia will be launching a new long haul route to EZE-Buenos Aires, Argentina nonstop from its Sydney hub. QF will fly the route 3 times a week using a Boeing 747-400 on Mon/Wed/Sat. Besides this, the airline also revealed that it will definitely not be ordering the Boeing 747-800 nor the Boeing 777 range of aero planes in the long term as its requirements revolve around the A 350 and B 787 programs.

EL AL Israel

EL AL of Israel has confirmed via a message to its share holders and to a message mentioned on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange last week that it has placed an additional order for 4 new Boeing 777-200ERs directly from Boeing to cater for future expansion especially on USA routes.

GMG Airlines

GMG Airlines of Bangladesh has revealed in a statement to the media that it has confirmed placing an order for 6 new wide bodied aircraft from Boeing last week. The order consists of 3 Boeing 777-300ERs + 3 Boeing 787-900s.

In order to account for a stop gap capacity measure, the airline is seeking to lease few Boeing 767-300ERs to expand its international operations. Its main competitor i.e. Biman Bangladesh revealed that it signed a MOU with Boeing for 4 B 773ERs + 4 B 788s also last week.

Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines has officially released its scheduled for Summer 2008 which sees major changes come into effect from mid June 2008 onwards. During the peak season, SV has confirmed that it will be wet leasing many Boeing 757-200s to cover up a capacity shortfall on many routes. Few months ago, the airline released a similar schedule which included the adjustments needed to compensate for the retirement of many B 747s. The main highlights of SV's summer operation are as follows :

From JED :

KHI - 9 weekly B 772As
HYD - 2 weekly B 772As
ISB - 2 weekly B 772As
LHE - 2 weekly B 743s
BOM - 3 weekly B 743s
ADD/NBO - 2 weekly B 772As
AMM - 5 weekly B 757s + 2 weekly B 772As
BEY - 2 weekly B 772As + 2 weekly B 757s
CMN - 2 weekly B 772ERs
MAA - 2 weekly B 772As
DAM - 4 weekly B 772As + 5 weekly B 757s
FRA - 2 weekly B 772ERs
GVA/MAN - weekly B 772ER
IST - 5 weekly B 772As
CGK - 6 weekly B 743s
KRT - 5 weekly B 747s
KUL - 5 weekly B 772ERs
JNB - 2 weekly B 772ERs
CDG - 3 weekly B 772ERs
SAH - 4 weekly B 747s

From RUH :

BEY - 4 weekly B 772As
ISB - 2 weekly B 772As
KHI - 3 weekly B 772As
BOM - 4 weekly B 743s
DEL - 3 weekly B 772As
DAC - daily B 743s
DXB - 11 weekly B 772As + 4 weekly B 744s + 6 weekly MD90s
KRT - 2 weekly B 743s
COK - 2 weekly B 772As
LHR - 4 weekly B 772ERs
MNL - 4 weekly B 747s