Thursday, July 31, 2008


EVA Air has announced a series of cutbacks for its international network as it looks to control costs during the upcoming autumn low season. The main highlights of its scaled down trans-pacific services are as follows:

LAX - reduced by 3 times a week to 14 times a week service. On certain days, its daily, others double daily, some triple daily.

SEA - reduced from 5 to 4 times a week with all flights being flown all using a B 773ER.

SFO - reduced from 10 to 8 weekly nonstop flights all using a B 773ER.

BKK - reduced from 13 to 11 times a week nonstop flights.

SIN - reduced from daily to 5 times a week.

AMS via BKK - frequencies reduced from 4 to 3 times a week but capacity increased from B 744 Combi to B 773ER.

PVG - capacity increased to 2 weekly nonstop B 773ERs instead of A 332s.

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