Thursday, July 31, 2008

Air France

Air France has surprisingly announced that it will be suspending all nonstop flights from its CDG-Paris hub to IKA-Tehran effective Oct 26th 2008. AF cites the low yield that was being witnessed on this route as the main reason for the closure.

However, to compensate for its suspension, it will make KLM increase flights on the AMS-IKA sector from 4 to 5 weekly nonstop flights. Besides suspending IKA, the French carrier has announced further changes to its long haul network for Winter 08-09. The main highlights are as follows:

ORD - capacity reduced to 5 weekly A 332s + 2 weekly A 343s.

YUL - eff Feb 09, capacity reduced to daily B 744 + daily B 773ER.

HAV - frequencies increased from 5 weekly to daily flights using a B 744.

NRT - capacity reduced to 6 weekly A 332 + 6 weekly B 773ER + daily B 772ER.

PEK - reduced from double daily to 10 weekly B 773ERs.

MRU - frequencies increased from 4 weekly to daily B 744s.

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