Friday, September 19, 2008


Emirates is expected to go full force ahead with its expansion plans for its world wide route network in 2009 as the price of aviation fuel has spiraled downwards. The main highlights for EK in 2009 are expected to be as follows:

***Please note that what is mentioned below is being seriously planned only and nothing is officially confirmed except for the PERTH capacity increase. Though it is 90% guaranteed that GRU will get the double daily frequency.

GRU - to be increased to double daily nonstop flights i.e. daily B 772LR + daily A 345. The new daily flight using an A 345 is expected to be a same plane service originating from NGO-Nagoya, Japan. This is because a majority of EK's passenger on board the GRU-DXB-GRU flights are bound for China and Japan.

LTN - new daily flights to London Luton are expected to be launched using a 2 class A 332.

CPH - new daily flights expected to be launched using a 3 class A 332.

PER - capacity confirmed to be increased from February 1st 2009 to daily B 773ER + daily A 345.

BKK - 4th daily nonstop flight using a 2 class A 332 to be launched.

CGP - new flights to Chittagong, Bangladesh are expected to be launched.

CAI - an additional daily flight is planned to commence from Summer 2009.

BHX - capacity to be increased to daily B 773ER + daily B 772ER.

NGO - in-flight product to be upgraded from daily A 343 to daily A 345.

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