Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yemenia Airways order for 10 A 358s at the Dubai Air Show eating 18 in business and 265 in economy i.e. 283 in total.

Analysis :

IY has ordered these aircraft to fully replace its fleet of 2 A 332s + 4 A 310-300s from 2015-16 onwards as well as to cater for future international expansion. FYI, besides its main hub of SAH-Sanaa, Yemenia also has a smaller scale hub at DXB from where it flies to the Far East with 5th freedom traffic rights. They have one interesting yet weird route i.e. SAH-DXB-KUL-CGK flown twice a week with the A 332.

Hopefully by the time the A 350s start arriving, such routings will cease to exist and either nonstop or flights via DXB nonstop will be flown! Keep in mind that IY is currently in expansion mode with new routes to CAN, MNL & MXP from Spring 2008.

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