Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oman Air

Oman Air's order for 3 A 333s + 2 A 332s at the DXB Air Show.

Analysis :

This order has come to a surprise to many as everyone expected the order to consist solely of A 332s. Nevertheless, one can easily make out as to why the A 333s were ordered. The reason being is that this aircraft will be dedicated on WY's high density routes which are JED, DEL, DAC and Kerala. I would bet on the 2 A 332s being dedicated for same plane daily service from London via MCT to BKK.

For WY, I would recommend that they dedicate one A 333 for a daily DEL-MCT-JED or DAC-MCT-JED flight as both flights will prove to be very popular. Another reason where the A 330s will come in handy for WY is the cargo carrying capability of the A 330s on these regional routes. Twelve tons of cargo can be easily carried in the belly on A 332 / A 333 operated flights and this additional form of revenue will come in handy big time on cargo friendly routes to DAC, Kerala, JED and BOM/DEL.

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