Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Korean Air

Korean Air has indicated that it will be upgrading capacity on its ICN-Moscow (SVO) bound flight by replacing the Airbus A 330-300 with the Boeing 777-200ER due to increased seasonal demand. The flight is flown 3 times a week nonstop.

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Anonymous said...

Behramjee, you are quite spot on in your analysis on happenings in international India aviation, but I wonder if you have too much faith in low yield NRI traffic (the masses) and discount all other types of traffic, particularly higher yield business traffic, in your analysis. This seems to come out particularly vis-a-vis DUS and GVA in Kingfisher's plans. Even looking strictly at NRI communities, I would reasonably confidently guess that the EU ex-UK has double this population than does Australia. Yet not a word of caution about Kingfisher going BOM to SYD, where QF can only manage 3x weekly 332 flights amidst all SE Asian carriers providing connections. In the coming years at least 2-3 major Indian cities should gradually be able to sustain direct flights to major rich industrial countries without large NRI populations on the basis of business and tourist links--think of Germany, Japan, Switzerland, etc., not to mention newer powers like South Korea and China. I just wonder why there is so much attention in general for NRIs going home on super-discounted fares once a year or two and so little notice of the travel patterns of the Indian elite living in India, not to mention international businesspeople.