Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cathay Pacific

According to HKG Airport Authorities, Cathay Pacific has officially informed them that it is upgrading capacity on its Toronto bound flights from December 1st 2007. This upgrade will be carried out in stages which are as follows :

a) From Dec 1st onwards, CX will fly 3 times a week (Wed, Fri, Sun) nonstop HKG-YYZ-HKG flights using an Airbus A 340-600 with new flight numbers i.e. CX 826/827 where as 4 weekly A 343 operated HKG-ANC-YYZ flights remain on other days of the week.

b) From January 1st 2008, all YYZ bound flights will be numbered CX 826/27 and be flown nonstop daily with an A 346.

c) From Feb 1st 2008, a further capacity increase will take place with 3 weekly flights being flown by the Boeing 777-300ER nonstop + 4 weekly A 346s. B 773ERs will operate CX 826/27 on Tue/Thu/Sat.

d) From March 30th 2008, all HKG-YYZ flights will become permament daily nonstops flown by the Boeing 777-300ER.

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