Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dhaka flights suspended by Oman Air

Oman Air has officially announced another round of major capacity reductions as it looks to reduce its losses and redeploy its aircraft on more popular routes. The carrier revealed the following:

DAC - all daily flights suspended effective 01JUN. 

This has come as a big surprise considering the large P2P traffic that already exists between MCT and DAC which numbered over 200,000 pax in 2016. WY currently operates a daily B738 between MCT and DAC as well as a daily B738 to CGP (Chittagong). Flights to CGP remain un-touched as its another huge P2P market out of MCT with over 150,000 passengers flying last year. 

In addition to suspending DAC, WY also revealed the following effective 01MAY:

DOH - frequencies reduced from 4 to 3 daily flights 

AUH - frequencies reduced from 4 to 2 daily flights only

All of the above changes are now published and visible on Sabre GDS system.

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