Thursday, February 18, 2016

Turkish Airlines announces Summer 2016 capacity changes

Turkish Airlines has officially announced many changes to its entire worldwide route network that will come into effect from the on set of the IATA S16 season (27MAR16). The main highlights are as follows:

DEL - capacity increased from a daily 289 seater A333 to a 400 seater B777-300ER (dry leased from Kenya Airways)

ABV - frequencies increased from 5 weekly to daily flights nonstop using a B739ER

JFK - capacity increased from triple daily A333s to triple daily B773ERs 

JUB - new 3 weekly flights effective 29MAR using a B739ER operated via EBB

DAC - capacity increased from a daily A332 to an A333 nonstop

GVA - frequencies increased from 3 to 4 daily

MUC - frequencies increased from 4 to 5 daily 

EBB - frequencies increased from daily to 10 weekly using a B739ER

FIH/LBV - capacity increased from daily B739ER to daily A332

NBO - capacity increased from daily B738 to daily A332

JIB - capacity increased from daily A320 to daily A321 

NKC/DKR - frequencies increased to daily

BKO - frequencies increased from 3 to 5 weekly nonstop flights using a B739ER

NIM - frequencies reduced from daily to 3 weekly

MRU - frequencies increased from 3 to 5 weekly flights using an A333

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Anonymous said...

Anybody knows where the bulk of the pax come from? ... are the mainly from South Asia? .. I doubt the originate fro Turkey.