Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sri Lankan to cut Frankfurt Rome and Paris

Sri Lankan Airlines CEO has publicly stated in an address in Colombo recently, that the airline is undertaking a major cost restructuring exercise aimed at bringing the airline's operations in a sustainability mode after years of massive losses on its long haul routes in particular.

He confirmed that the "Vanity routes" in question to be cut are Rome, Paris and Frankfurt where it cannot compete against the GCC carriers funneling traffic via their respective hub airports to Asia as the yields are far too low to justify continuing operating. 

London will be retained as the sole EU destination served nonstop from Colombo using the A332/A333 fleet and the aircraft coming out of FRA/CDG/FCO will be instead used to boost frequencies to China.

Source: http://www.economynext.com/SriLankan_Airlines_to_ditch_%E2%80%98vanity%E2%80%99_routes-3-3671.html

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