Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Qatar Airways reveals new Boeing 777-300ER configuration

Qatar Airways has officially revealed details of its new Boeing 777-300ER cabin configuration which it will be implementing across its B77W fleet. The 9 B777-200LRs will however not be reconfigured and shall remain in their current 42J + 217Y layout. The highlights of the new B77W layout is as follows:
  • Economy class becomes 3-4-3 from 3-3-3
  • Two configuration versions revealed i.e. for premium routes 358 seats (42J + 316Y) and for high density markets 412 seats (24J + 388Y)
  • The high density B77W in 2016 will be used on a daily basis to Manila, Amsterdam, Paris (one flight out of 3), Jakarta and Amman
With regards to its expansion plans for 2016, QR has announced another round of which the main highlights are as follows:

DFW - capacity increased from daily B77L to B77W

AMS - capacity increased from daily B788 to B77W

LHE - capacity increased from daily B77L to B77W

ISB - capacity increased from daily A332 to B77W

BLR - capacity reduced from daily B77W to daily B77L

TUN - capacity increased from daily A320 to daily B788

MAN - frequencies increased to 16 times weekly with all flights exclusively operated by the A333


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