Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vietnam Airlines signs MOU for 8 B778s + 8 B787-1000Xs

Vietnam Airlines has officially announced that it has signed a MOU with Boeing for the future purchase of 8 B777-800Xs + 8 B787-1000Xs as part of its future fleet expansion program. 



What does VN need the B778 for? As the A359 can easily fly to California nonstop from SGN + Europe too but with 25-30 less seats only. Even the B781 is not required as the A359 has more or less the same pax capacity but greater flying range capability.

The new VN wide body fleet is perfect for the next ten years i.e. A359s + B789s so if they really want a bigger aircraft (pax wise) then the A351 should be ordered instead to maintain fleet commonality rather than introduce a totally new type into the mix i.e. B778X !


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