Sunday, April 19, 2015

new Oman-Philippines bilateral signed

A new Oman-Philippines bilateral accord has been signed of which the main highlights are as follows:
  • Bilateral frequencies allocation increased from 4 to 7 for each side with WY being allowed daily services exclusively from Oman's side
  • From Philippines side, Cebu Pacific got 4 slots and PAL 3 into MCT
  • Oman Air secured fifth freedom rights on BKK-MNL, KUL-MNL and JKT-MNL
  • Philippine based carriers secured 5th freedom rights in turn on India (any one city only)-MCT + Europe-MCT (any one city only)
WY is expected to boost MNL flights to daily in W15 season (NOV onwards) upon delivery of additional A333s this year. Currently, their flights have 62% point to point traffic and 38% transit beyond MCT of which Paris (CDG) has been cited as the top feeder market for them in Europe on this route.

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