Friday, June 25, 2010


Emirates has officially announced at the Berlin Air Show that they have placed a massive order with Airbus for 32 additional Airbus A 380-800s. This means that by the time all these additional aircraft are delivered by 2017, EK's A 380 fleet size will jump from 58 to 90. EK too confirmed that these additional A 380s will not be used as a replacement aircraft for any of its wide bodied fleet and instead to propel further capacity growth in key high density markets worldwide.


One should not be surprised at all if many of these A 380s end up being transferred to its aircraft leasing unit i.e. DAE and leased out to interested airlines worldwide. Some too feel that this order has also been placed in order to create a further backlog on the A 380 production line thus causing further delivery issues for carriers that would like to place new or additional orders.

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