Sunday, April 25, 2010


PIA of Pakistan has officially announced that it shall be increasing its flights from Karachi to London from next week onwards to cater for higher fore casted demand for this upcoming summer season. The current frequency of 3 weekly nonstop flights shall be increased to 4 times per week nonstop using a Boeing 777-200ER. In addition, other changes announced by the carrier for the summer season are as follows:

ISB/RUH - frequencies increased to 2 weekly nonstop flights i.e. weekly B 773ER + weekly B 772ER

KHI/DAC - capacity reduced to 5 weekly nonstop A 310-300 services.

CPH/OSL - frequencies increased to these 2 cities to 3 times per week using a B 772ER i.e. twice a week from ISB and once a week from LHE.

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