Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has officially revealed on the GDS that it will be undertaking few capacity and frequency changes for the Summer 2010 IATA season. The main highlights are as follows:

CAN - capacity increased from 5 weekly A 332s to 5 weekly B 773ERs.

- frequencies increased from double to triple daily from June 16th.

- frequencies increased from daily to 9 weekly nonstop flights using an A 321 from Sept 1st.

- frequencies increased from 4 weekly to daily nonstop flights using an A 320 from Sept 1st.


Is there that much demand for QR to send a 335 seater B 77W to CAN? The only reason one can think of is because of the higher cargo payload that the B 77W can carry in its belly versus an A 333.

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