Monday, February 1, 2010


Emirates has officially revealed major changes to its Summer and Winter 2010 schedule especially with regards to realigning capacity on various routes across its medium haul and long haul network. The main highlights are as follows:

capacity increased to double daily nonstop flights using a B 772LR effective Nov 1st.

- capacity increased from daily A 345 to daily B 773ER effective July 1st.

MUC - capacity reduced from daily B 773ER + daily A 332 to daily A 345 + daily A 332 effective July 1st.

CMN - in flight product upgraded from daily A 343 to daily A 345 effective Aug 1st.

MEL - capacity increased to triple daily flights all using a B 773ER instead of 2 daily B 773ERs + daily A 345 effective Aug 1st.

- in flight product upgraded with the 2nd daily flight being flight being operated by an A 345 along side the B 773ER which operates the other daily flight.

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