Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thai Airways

Thai Airways has officially announced that it will be increasing its flights to ATH-Athens, Greece from March 28th 2010. TG will launch an additional 4th weekly flight flown nonstop from its Bangkok hub using an Airbus A 340-500. The remaining 3 weekly flights are also operated by an A 340-500.

Thai Airways has officially confirmed that it will be increasing its flights to BNE-Brisbane from January 16th 2010 from the current 5 weekly to 10 weekly flights operated in a varied manner. Daily flights will be flown via SYD using an A 340-600 which will see BNE getting first class service for the first time and the remaining 3 weekly flights will be operated nonstop from BKK using a B 772A.

Thai Airways management has revealed to the media that they are going to be re launching nonstop flights from Bangkok to New York City in the near future but this time to EWR-Newark airport and not JFK as the former is a Star Alliance hub with Continental Airlines being the dominant home based airline. It will be re launching New York services because it is unable to find any airline or leasing company willing to buy its fleet of A 340-500s hence!

TG also said that for this route it will be removing its Premium Economy cabin product from this aircraft which will result in a 25% increase in capacity as currently TG's A 345s seat 215 pax but will in the future accommodate 260 in a 2 class configuration of J and Y.

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