Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A 330-200HGW idea

During the weekend whilst doing some research, I came across an interesting aircraft called the Airbus A 330-200HGW (High Gross Weight) and its performance capabilities. It has already gotten its first launch customer i.e. Korean Air that has ordered 6 of the type in Feb 2009. Airbus has projected that this aircraft will be a direct competitor to the Boeing 787-800 and is targeting orders from airlines that have been severely effected by its delivery delays. A key component to Airbus's advantage with this aircraft is that any airline that orders it will take delivery of it within 18 months time which is highly attractive.

According to stats available, the A 332HGW can fly nonstop with a full payload of passengers + cargo up to a range of 7000NM (12,800KM). This means that the aircraft can easily fly from the GCC nonstop to PER/ORD, from DEL to SYD/MEL, from ICN to IAH/ORD and from EZE to FRA/MXP/CDG. Hence the purpose of this part of the newsletter is meant to suggest to few airlines why they should seriously consider the A 332HGW for quick delivery within 18 months time and on what routes they would be best served to be utilized on.

For all airlines, the configuration should be 248 seats max in a 2 class configuration i.e. 24 J (2-2-2) + 224 Y (2-4-2). The airlines that should seriously consider ordering the A 332HGW are as follows:

Kuwait Airways; it can replace its entire A 343, AB6 and A 310 fleet and be used also for:

KWI-MNL nonstop which would replace current service flown via BKK
launch KWI-IAD nonstop
launch KWI-YYZ nonstop (for which KU has authority to do so twice a week only though according to 2007 bilateral).
launch KWI-PEK nonstop

Egypt Air; A 332HGWs can be used to:

launch CAI-ORD nonstop.
launch CAI-IAH nonstop.
replace A 342s on NRT sector.
replace B 777 to YUL in the summer.

Royal Jordanian:

A 332HGWs can easily replace entire A 342 fleet and be used to operate all current USA-AMMAN nonstop flights along with YUL and upcoming AMM-HKG nonstop. FYI, A 332HGW pax capacity is same as A 342.

Air India:

launch DEL-SYD/MEL nonstop
replace A 310 on BOM-NBO sector.
replace the B 77L on CDG and NRT routes.
launch HYD-FRA-IAD 3 weekly
launch DEL-ATQ-BHX 4 weekly
launch MAA-FRA-IAH 4 weekly

Ethiopian Airlines:

launch ADD-PEK nonstop
launch ADD-BKK nonstop
*both these routes were ear marked for the B 787

Sri Lankan Airlines:

Can be used to fully replace its entire A 343 and A 332 fleet as the A 332HGW can fly to LHR easily nonstop from CMB which is UL's flagship route. It can also be used to launch new nonstop flights from CMB to Australia and replace older aircraft to NRT.

South African Airways:

Replace all routes currently operated by the inefficient A 342 and replace the A 343 on all Latin American and European bound flights.

Gulf Air:

Out of the newly placed order for 20 A 333s, 8 should be converted to A 332HGWs to fly to MNL (2), Japan (NRT only-2) and USA (ORD/EWR-4) in the future.

Etihad Airways; the routes suited for it in the future are as follows:


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