Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Emirates has officially revealed major changes on the GDS to its long haul route network for the IATA Winter 09-10 season effective Oct 26th 09. The main highlights are as follows:

SFO - capacity increased from daily B 772LR to daily B 773ER. This flight will be payload restricted and thus out of 304 seats in economy, only 270 will be sold along with 42 in J and 8 in F on the DXB-SFO leg. On the return sector i.e. SFO-DXB an extra 20 seats in Y class can be sold. In total 320-340 seats can be sold which is better than the B 77L (by 54-74 seats daily) which seats 266 pax in a 3 class layout. Cargo too will face a heavy penalty with the B 773ER in both directions.

- capacity increased to daily B 772LR + daily B 773ER via BKK + daily A 380 nonstop.

- capacity reduced from double daily B 773ERs to daily B 772LR + daily B 773ER.

- capacity reduced from daily B 773ER + daily B 772LR to daily A 345 + daily B 772LR.

- capacity reduced from triple daily B 773ERs to daily A 345 + double daily B 773ERs.

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