Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South African Airways

South African Airways has been cited by the media to be in the crucial stages of negotiating a mega order with Airbus for 15 A 320s and 6 Airbus A 340-500s/600s to replace its entire A 342 fleet + its low cost airline's Mango fleet of 17 B 738s. In its current fleet, SAA has 19 A 319s, 1 B 744 and 15 A 340s (mixture of -200s/-300Es/600s).


If the sole aim is to replace the A 342 fleet, then the A 345 should be ordered and used to replace the A 343s/A 346s on all Australia and USA bound flights as the A 345 can fly nonstop from JNB to both IAD + JFK which the A 343 nor A 346 can do with a full payload from JNB. The A 345 is also an aircraft offering only 10% extra capacity versus the A 346 so from a capacity stand point as well its ideal.

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