Monday, April 20, 2009


SAS has revealed in its annual 2008 report that it is looking to replace its fleet of Boeing 737 Classics, MD 80s and A 333s/A 343s within the next 5 years as its looks to cut costs and streamline its mainline operations out of its CPH hub. No aircraft has yet been short listed for the A 333/A 343 replacement but for the B 737/MD 80s it will be a close contest between the B 737NGs and Airbus A 320 as both variants SK has in its fleet.



FYI, SK's A 333 seat 264 pax in a 2 class configuration where as its A 343s seat 245 pax. The ideal aircraft to fully replace both its fleet of 7 A 333s + A 343s is the Boeing 787-900! The reasons for this are as follows:

1. The B 789 can easily accommodate 260 pax in a luxurious 2 class layout and fly all of its SK's current long haul and medium haul routes nonstop without a payload restriction what so ever.

2. SK will save a lot of money when it comes to engineering, cabin/cockpit crew training, rostering, maintainence etc if its long haul wide bodied fleet revolves around a single aircraft type.

3. The B 789 can carry 14 tonnes of cargo in its belly which will come in handy on SK's flights to Far East Asia in particular.

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