Saturday, February 7, 2009

UAE bilaterals

The states of UAE and Tunisia have signed a new aviation bilateral accord which hopes to promote tourism and business links between the two countries. The main highlights of the new accord are as follows:

a) Etihad Airways is allowed to fly initially 4 flights per week to Tunis which can later on be increased to 5 in 2010 and daily in 2011.

b) Emirates and Fly Dubai are allowed to fly a total of 8 flights per week.

c) Tunis Air has been given reciprocal rights for flights from their hub to UAE.

The states of UAE and Philippines have signed a MOU to amend their existing aviation bilateral accord which greatly increases access to both states' designated carriers offering flights between them. The main highlights of the new accord are as follows:

a) Emirates, Etihad, RAK Airways and Fly Dubai would all be allowed to take part in the increases in flights from UAE Side.

b) Gradual increase of flights from the current 21 per week to 89 flights per week for all UAE carriers.

c) 5th freedom rights between UAE and any intermediate point allowed for flights bound to Cebu.

d) 42 flights per week allowed for UAE airlines to fly to Clark International Airport (former U.S. Clark Air Force base).

e) To Cebu, 21 flights per week maximum can be flown.

f) To Manila, a maximum of 5 weekly extra flights can be flown by UAE carriers.

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