Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines
has officially confirmed that it will be increasing its network in Africa from June 2009 with the launch of 2 new destinations namely Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria from ATL and JFK respectively. The main highlights are as follows:

JFK/LOS - eff June 9th, new 5 weekly nonstop B 763ER service complimenting the already exisiting daily ATL-LOS B 763ER service.

- new twice weekly B 752 service with a tech stop in SID in both directions.

Other key developments that DL has ear marked for 2009 expansion as a result of its merger with NW are as follows:

- all flights suspended from Jan 8th.

- frequencies increased from daily to 11 weekly B 763ERs all flown nonstop eff June 30th 09.

new daily nonstop flights to start eff June 4th using a B 772ER.

- new 3 weekly nonstop flights start from June 18th using a B 763ER.

- new 5 weekly nonstop flights to be launched using NW A 332s eff June 3rd 09.

ATL/NRT - second daily nonstop flight to be launched using a NWA B 744 eff May 4th 09. Current daily flight is flown using a DL B 772ER.

- new 3 weekly flights to be flown via DKR using a B 763ER.

SEA/PEK - new nonstop flights to be flown using NWA aircraft.

- new nonstop flights using NWA aircraft.

- new 4 weekly flights to be launched using B 763ER via DKR eff June 2nd 09.

- new daily flights to be launched using a NWA B 752 eff June 1st.

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