Friday, February 8, 2008


Lufthansa is expected to place a multi billion order with Airbus later on this year at the famous Farnborough Air Show. The highlights of the order are as follows :

5 more Airbus A 380s
35 Airbus A 350-800s i.e. 20 firm + 15 options
30 Airbus A 350-900s i.e. 20 firm + 10 options


The A 358s & A 359s will totally replace LH's fleet of 28 A 343s + 15 A 333s which is a smart move as these two versions of the A 350 family have ideal pax & cargo carrying capabilities to efficiently replace LH's A 343 / A 333 fleet. More A 380s ordered means LH will have a fleet of 20 A 380s once all are delivered.
With the added range of the A 358, LH can use this aircraft to its advantage as it can fly more effectively (operational cost wise versus their A 343) on nonstop long haul medium density routes such as FRA-CGK, FRA-NGO, FRA-SGN, FRA-KUL. In the future, one should expect a follow up order for 24 A 350-100X's to be placed which will fully replace LH's fleet of 24 A 346s.

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