Sunday, September 2, 2007


Swiss has confirmed that it will be placing an order for 9 Airbus A 330-300s via its parent company i.e. Lufthansa to replace its fleet of A 332s as it finds the A 332 too small to effectively use on most of its long haul flights to Africa and Eastern USA where demand in the premium cabins is very high.

Analysis :

Some might wonder why is LX wanting to replace its A 332s when they're only 8-9 years old only. The reason being is that currently, they seat 196 pax in a 3 class configuration and with further upgrades needed to be done to the F & J class cabins (which were last done in 2002), capacity on board would be reduced to 185 seats which is obviously insufficient when flying such a large aircraft on long haul flights to Asia, USA & Africa. Therefore with the A 333s, extra seating capacity is available which would help revenue. It is expected that LX's A 333s would see a new F & J class cabin product which would seat approximately 225-230 pax in a 3 class configuration.

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