Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pakistan International

PIA-Pakistan International Airlines will be reducing its flights to JFK this winter season by flying to the airport only twice a week from October 28th 2007.

Both flights will be flown using a Boeing 777-300ER from KHI via Northern Pakistan and Manchester to JFK. Flights will be flown on Saturdays and Sundays only.


It's a well known fact that PIA has been losing money on its JFK route for many years now and the situation is bound to get even worse with the expansion of EK, EY and QR on the U.S. East Coast. The U.S. East Coast-PAK market is much bigger than the YYZ-PAK market and yet the latter has more weekly flights than the former!

Even if PIA needs to reduce JFK to twice a week services, it is unheard of to fly a route twice a week one day after another in the way PIA is doing at JFK from Oct i.e. SAT & SUN.

In order to control the financial bloodshed that its suffering, it might be wise for PIA to completely withdraw from USA altogether rather than continue to bleed $$$ flying this route for prestige purposes. PIA can do this by getting
a good trans-atlantic SPA deal with AA, UA, VS, DL & CO out of LHR, MAN & BHX respectively for their North American passengers by flying them from PAK to UK and then feed them to these carriers via the UK to USA.

In this manner, they will be offering a convenient ONE STOP product from all major USA cities via UK to all 3 major Pakistani cities on a DAILY BASIS which is much better than flying twice a week KHI-LHE/ISB-MAN-JFK on Sat & Sun !!!

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