Friday, December 10, 2010

Airline News till Nov 29

Egypt Air
has officially announced that it shall be launching new nonstop flights to YYZ-Toronto effective June 1st 2011. MS shall be operating the service 3 times per week using their brand new Boeing 777-300ER which shall seat 349 passengers in 2 class configuration. Its main target market for this sector is O&D to CAI plus transit traffic bound to North Africa, Levant and GCC region of the Middle East. The flight schedule is as follows:


MS 995 Dep CAI 2330 Arr YYZ 0540+1

MS 996 Dep YYZ 1130 Arr CAI 0600+1

has officially revealed on the GDS a massive expansion plan for its worldwide route network for the entire year 2011 in Europe and Far East Asia. The main highlights are as follows:

- frequencies increased from daily to double daily flights using a B 773 and a B 772ER each respectively effective Sept 1st.

MAD - capacity increased from Oct 30th 2011 from daily A 343 to daily B 773ER.

- frequencies increased from double to triple daily with the third nonstop flight operated nonstop with a B 773ER effective Oct 1st.

AMS - capacity increased to a daily B 773ER versus 6 weekly B 77Ls + weekly B 773ER effective June 1st 2011.

- capacity increased to double daily B 773ERs versus daily B 772ER + daily B 773ER effective Sept 1st 2011.

- capacity increased from Oct 30th 2011 from double daily A 343 to daily B 773ER + daily A 343.

- frequencies increased to 4 times daily with the new additional flight being operated with a B 773ER effective Oct 29th 2011. It is expected that since this new frequency has a 12 hour ground time at SIN, a tag on to DPS-Bali is also expected to happen in due course.

- frequencies increased to 4 daily nonstop flights i.e. triple daily B 773s + daily A 380 effective May 30th 2011.

DKR - frequencies increased from 5 weekly to daily nonstop flights using an A 332. In addition, EK has also
filed to launch new daily flights to GVA-Geneva using a B 772ER effective June 1st 2011 with the following flight schedule:

EK 089 Dep DXB 0950 Arr GVA 1430
EK 090 Dep GVA 1600 Arr DXB 0010+1

Turkish Airlines
has officially announced that it will be undertaking another round of significant expansion in China this winter season by increasing its presence in the Communist state by adding more flights. Effective Jan 30th 2011, TK will be launching new 3 weekly nonstop flights to CAN-Guangzhou, China operated with a Boeing 777-300ER. In addition, it has also confirmed that its services to PEK-Beijing shall be further increased from the current 5 weekly to a daily nonstop terminator service using a B 777-300ER as well.

Air France
has officially revealed its latest Airbus A 380 destination i.e. IAD-Washington DC, USA. From June 6th 2011, capacity shall be greatly increased from double daily B 772ERs to a daily A 380 + daily B 772ER. IAD is one of AF's highest yielding long haul routes seeing consistently high loads in the premium cabins in particular.

Air Arabia
of Sharjah, UAE has officially announced that it shall be launching new 4 weekly nonstop flights to KABUL, AFGHANISTAN effective Dec 16th 2010 using an Airbus A 320-200.

Their flight schedule is as follows:

Days: 2/3/5/7

G9 261 Dep SHJ 0600 Arr KBL 0900
G9 262 Dep KBL 0945 Arr SHJ 1205

Royal Jordanian
has officially announced that it shall be launching new nonstop flights to TXL-Berlin, Germany effective June 2nd 2011. RJ will be operating the service twice a week nonstop using an Airbus A 320-200. Its main purpose is to connect an upcoming major One World partner hub of Air Berlin and to offer seamless connections for the massive Iraqi and Arab diaspora community residing in the city itself.

RAK Airways
of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE has officially announced that it shall be launching 3 new routes this December as part of its rapid expansion within a 4 hour flying radius of RAK airport itself. The 3 new routes it announced to be flying are Chittagong, Dhaka and Cairo. All flights shall be flown using its fleet of used/leased Boeing 737-400s only. Services to all these three new cities will be operated three times per week nonstop only effective Dec 15th 2011.

Hawaiian Airlines
has officially confirmed that it has placed an order with Airbus for 6 additional Airbus A 330-200s to the ten it already has previously ordered from the manufacturer. These additional A 332s will be used to fully replace the B 763ERs and to expand further with new long haul nonstop flying from HNL to the U.S. East Coast + Far East Asia and Australia/AKL. HA's A 332s seat 294 passengers in a 2 class configuration.

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