Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Emirates increases Auckland nonstop to A380

Emirates has officially announced that it will be significantly increasing capacity on its recently launched Dubai-Auckland nonstop service from the on set of the IATA W16 season.

Currently, EK uses a 266 seater Boeing 777-200LR on the nonstop DXB-AKL route however effective 30OCT16 onwards, capacity will be upgraded by deploying the 3 class 489 seater Airbus A380 over here. In turn this shall make AKL served 4 times daily with all flights exclusively operated by the A380 aircraft.

Friday, May 27, 2016

United increases Tel Aviv from San Francisco

United Airlines has officially announced that due to high demand on its recently launched nonstop San Francisco-Tel Aviv service, it shall be increasing its offering on the route from the on set of the IATA W16 season.

Currently, UA flies SFO-TLV nonstop 3 times per week using a B788. These will be in turn increased to daily nonstop using the same aircraft type.

Vietjet orders 100 B737MAXs

In a major blow to Airbus, Vietnam's largest privately owned airline i.e. Viejet has placed an order for 100 Boeing 737-800MAX planes in the high density configuration that would seat 200 passengers. 

VJ's current fleet comprises of 5 A321s + 30 A320s + it already had a pending order with Airbus for 30 A321NEOs and 50 A320NEOs. With the placement of this new order, the carrier will not maintain its one family fleet type but rather will fly both side by side plus lease out units to franchises set up in other Asian countries.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

United suspends Lagos-Houston

United Airlines has officially announced that it will be suspending all of its current 6 weekly Lagos-Houston nonstop flights effective 29JUN16. UA has been voicing strong concerns over repatriating forex out of Nigeria for the past 6 months and now has pulled the plug as they dont want to risk another 'Venezuela' on their cash flow balance sheet.

A statement from UA is mentioned below:

"The IAH-LOS route has been underperforming financially for several years. Because of its importance to key Houston-based customers, we continued to invest in it; however, the recent downturn in the energy sector has caused these customers to spend less on travel. Additionally, various U.S. companies, including United, have not been able to collect revenue from tickets and cargo sold locally in Nigerian currency. As about half of the revenue generated by the route comes from Nigeria point-of-sale, this has made the route unsustainable.

We will be redeploying the aircraft to our popular SFO-TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) route, which will expand from three-times-weekly to daily in October. Demand is high to TLV from both SFO and EWR, so adding capacity here makes sense."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oman Air confirms Guangzhou launch

Oman Air has officially announced that it will be launching new flights to CAN-Guangzhou, China effective 18SEP16. WY shall operate it 4 times per week nonstop using an A330-200 with a schedule geared primarily to feed its Europe network. The details are as follows:

Days: 1/3/5/7

WY 851 Dep MCT 0940 Arr CAN 2105
W3 852 Dep CAN 0910 Arr MCT 1245


Friday, May 20, 2016

Air Asia X announces Tehran and Mauritius

Air Asia X, the long haul arm of the famous Malaysian low cost carrier has officially announced that it will be launching 2 new routes from its primary hub base at Kuala Lumpur airport. The new destinations are Tehran, Iran and Mauritius each respectively.

KUL/IKA - new 3 weekly nonstop flights to be launched effective 21JUN16 with an A333

KUL/MRU - new 3 weekly nonstop flights to be launched effective 04OCT16 with an A333

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Air India announces Ahmedabad-London-Newark direct

Air India has officially announced that it will be launching new nonstop flights from Ahmedabad to London Heathrow which shall extend to EWR-Newark effective 15AUG16. This means AI's total flights into EWR will increase from daily to 10 weekly.

The new 3 weekly services will be flown using a B787-8 and shall have 5th freedom traffic rights between LHR and EWR too.

Days: 1/3/5

AI 171 Dep AMD 0500 Arr LHR 1015
AI 171 Dep LHR 1230 Arr EWR 1500
AI 172 Dep EWR 0020 Arr LHR 1205
AI 172 Dep LHR 1400 Arr AMD 0330+1

Oman Air announces Manchester

Oman Air has officially announced that it will be launching new nonstop flights to MAN-Manchester, England effective 01APR17. The schedule has not been announced as yet however it is expected to be an afternoon service similar to its current MCT-FRA-MCT schedule.

The main purpose of WY operating into MAN is to tap into the high volume but low yielding traffic potential from the Northern UK to Indian subcontinent, Bangkok and UAE.

Source: http://aviationtribune.com/airlines/middle-east/oman-air-fly-daily-manchester/

British Airways announces Santiago nonstop

British Airways has disclosed via a media release that it will be launching new nonstop flights to SCL-Santiago, Chile effective  03JAN17. 

This new service will be operated 5 times per week using a Boeing 787-9 and shall in turn become the longest nonstop flight flown by the carrier i.e. 14 hours 20 minutes

Days: 2/3/5/7

Dep LHR 2200 Arr SCL 0940+1
Dep SCL 1845 Arr LHR 1205+1 

SCL is the primary hub of Lan Chile which is a fellow One World member hence BA is expected to generate a lot of feeder traffic supplied from other offline Latin American points on this new route. 

Source: http://buyingbusinesstravel.com/news/1825726-british-airways-launch-direct-london-santiago-flight

Monday, May 9, 2016

Turkish announces Seychelles nonstop

Turkish Airlines has confirmed that it will be launching new nonstop flights to the Indian Ocean island of SEZ-Seychelles effective 31OCT16. The destination is a very popular one for Europeans seeking shelter from the cold winter months on the home land continent. 

TK will be operating 3 weekly flights with an A332 using the below mentioned schedule:

TK 748 Dep IST 0105 Arr SEZ 1055
TK 749 Dep SEZ 1225 Arr IST 1810 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Eva Air announces Chicago and increases New York JFK

Eva Air has officially confirmed that it will be significantly expanding its presence in USA from October 2016 by launching new services to ORD-Chicago along with increasing New York JFK.

Chicago-Taipei nonstop will be inaugurated on 03OCT16 operating 4 times per week using a Boeing 777-300ER using the below mentioned schedule:

Days: 2/3/5/7

BR 56 Dep TPE 1950 Arr ORD 1940
BR 55 Dep ORD 0020 Arr TPE 0600

As far as New York JFK-TPE is concerned, frequencies are being further boosted from 10 weekly to double daily nonstop effective 03NOV16 using a B777-300ER exclusively.

BR's USA expansion in particular has been a key component of its long haul strategy and Miami airport officials have now confirmed that they are keenly lobbying Eva Air to consider launching TPE-MIA as they want a well known hub & spoke carrier operating to the city rather than one that is more reliant on point to point traffic.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Air Canada increases Dubai capacity

Air Canada has announced that it has increased capacity to Dubai which was only launched few months ago after experiencing high demand in all cabin classes across the board. Its current 3 weekly nonstop services are flown using a B787-9 however from the on set of the IATA W16 season, all flights shall be flown exclusively using the larger Boeing 777-300ER. 

Other capacity changes for its long haul network for W16 are as follows:

YYZ/CDG - capacity increased from daily B788 to daily B789

YYZ/HND - capacity increased from daily B789 to daily B77W

YYZ/ZRH - capacity increased from daily B763ER to daily B788

YVR/PVG - capacity increased from daily B788 to daily B789

YVR/ICN - capacity increased from daily B788 to daily B789

YVR/BNE - capacity increased from daily B788 to daily B789

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Qatar Airways new A380 route - Guangzhou, China

Qatar Airways has officially uploaded on sabre a big upgrade to its daily nonstop DOH-CAN service from a dual class B777-300ER effective 01JUL16.

Services are being upgraded to an A380 for all flights. Looks like QR are foregoing the cargo revenue in anticipation of higher pax revenue generation originating from Africa, UAE and KSA in particular.

FYI from Lagos, QR has the highest market share to CAN, even more than KQ/ET/EK !

Delta orders 125 C Series + 37 more A321s

Delta Airlines has officially announced placing a massive US$ 9 billion combined order at published prices with both Airbus and Bombardier for its small to medium capacity aircraft requirements going into the next decade. 

DL confirmed placing an incremental order for 37 Airbus A321s on top of an earlier order for 45 of the same aircraft type made over a year ago. These shall be used to rapidly replace its aging Boeing 757 fleet on domestic and Central America/Caribbean services.

In addition the airline announced placing a blockbuster order for 125 C Series aircraft from Bombardier that is expected to replace its aging MD88 fleet. The breakdown of the order is 75 firm CS 100s + 50 options enabling to switch to the larger and more popular CS 300 whenever required. 

Emirates increases Cape Town

Emirates has officially announced that it will be increasing its services into CPT-Cape Town, South Africa effective 04JUL16. Current double daily frequencies will be raised to triple daily nonstop using a B777-300ER exclusively. 

The schedule of the 3rd daily flight is as follows:

EK 778 Dep DXB 1050 Arr CPT 1830
EK 779 Dep CPT 2005 Arr DXB 0730+1

In 2015 alone, the P2P market demand between DXB and CPT was 88,000 passengers. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

KLM announces Colombo and Miami

KLM has officially announced major expansion of its long haul route network from the on set of the IATA W16 season of which the main highlights are as follows:

CMB - new twice weekly nonstop flights to be launched using a B789 effective 31OCT 

MIA - new 3 weekly nonstop flights to be launched using an A332 effective 30OCT

HAV - frequencies increased to daily nonstop service using an A332

KUL - frequencies increased from daily to 10 weekly using a B772ER daily + 3 weekly B789

YVR - frequencies reduced from 5 to 4 weekly nonstop using an A332


Colombo relaunch has caught everyone by surprise but its 2 weekly frequency means that it is primarily catering to tour operators who have witnessed a huge boom of outbound EU tourism into Sri Lanka since the end of the civil war in 2010.

The P2P demand between Scandinavia region to CMB-Colombo (round trip) in 2015 was as follows:

AMS - 26,000
ARN - 20,000
OSL - 19,000
CPH - 23,000

In addition, KLM will also get a lot of transfer traffic bound to UK, CDG, BRU, DUB, North America and Germany via AMS as the schedule is ideal for 2 way connections as seen below:

Days - MON/FRI
KL 873 Dep AMS 1330 Arr CMB 0350+1
KL 874 Dep CMB 0550 Arr AMS 1220 

Emirates increases Bangkok again

Emirates has officially announced that it will be increasing its flights to Bangkok, Thailand yet again effective 01JUL16 as the carrier looks to further poach away market share from its EU + GCC rivals.

The new 7th daily nonstop service will be operated by the B777-300ER (77W) which will make BKK see 3 daily B77Ws + 4 daily A380s. The schedule is as follows:

EK 350 Dep DXB 1950 Arr BKK 0520+1
EK 351 Dep BKK 0635 Arr DXB 0950

EK should seriously consider extending one of its BKK terminator flights to MFM-Macau if it can obtain 5th freedom traffic rights as there is a lot of demand from Europe to MFM especially out of LIS.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Air Canada announces Vancouver-Delhi nonstop

Air Canada has officially announced that due to high market demand plus the availability of wide boy Boeing 787-9s in its operational flying program during the winter season, it will be launching new nonstop flights from YVR-Vancouver to Delhi effective 20OCT16.

Services will be operated 3 times per week nonstop using the B789 using the below mentioned schedule:

Days: 2/4/6

AC 72 Dep YVR 2140 Arr DEL 0120+2
AC 73 Dep DEL 0630 Arr YVR 0655

The P2P demand between YVR and DEL in 2015 was 141,000 passengers and its main aim with this new flight is 3 fold i.e. catering towards the high P2P market segment + feeder traffic originating from Alberta province (YYC/YEG) + from U.S. West Coast (SEA SFO LAX LAS). 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gulf Air announces Dhaka

Gulf Air has officially announced that it will be reinstating services into DAC-Dhaka, Bangladesh, effective 30MAY16 after a 3 year hiatus that was initiated due to Bahrain Govt directive to curtail losses by any means necessary. 

Routes such as DAC, KTM and CMB were part of that drive in 2013 and now it is being relaunched with 5 weekly nonstop flights using a split schedule which is as follows:

Aircraft: A320 for all 5 weekly flights
Days: 1/3

GF 248 Dep BAH 0100 Arr DAC 0930
GF 249 Dep DAC 1030 Arr DAC 1325

Days: 2/4/6

GF 250 Dep BAH 2010 Arr DAC 0440+1
GF 251 Dep DAC 0540 Arr BAH 0835


This is a good move by GF as it is relaunching DAC in a low risk manner by operating 5 times per week using an A320 which will provide good network support as well as decent O&D yield bound to BAH and DMM in particular. However, the above mentioned split schedule is ok for the summer season but cannot be operated in Winter due to the dense fog in DAC + the A320 will face major payload restrictions out of DAC to BAH between NOV-MAR.

For the IATA W16 season, it is best to operate it as follows:

Days: 1/2/3/4/6
GF 250 Dep BAH 1030 Arr DAC 1900
GF 251 Dep DAC 2000 Arr BAH 2255

In this way, the flight operations will not be effected one bit due to fog which will be beneficial to the overall OTP performance of the carrier + it enables GF to operate a standardized schedule which in itself is a sales generating tool and also more comforting for travel agents and passengers to comprehend. Another important aspect with the above proposal is that it helps connect with GF 006 LHR-BAH which has historically struggled due to the lack of Indian subcontinent destinations it has good connections with which provide volume traffic in turn. The above mentioned schedule proposal also connects all of the prime GCC markets conveniently in both directions thus providing more network benefit potential.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thai Airways increases Delhi-Bangkok

Thai Airways
has officially announced that due to high demand for its Delhi bound flights out of Bangkok from both a P2P + 6th freedom transfer traffic perspective, it shall be increasing frequencies on the route.

The current double daily frequencies are being increased to 19 weekly nonstop i.e. daily B788 + daily B773A + daily B772ER

In 2015, the point to point market demand between DEL & BKK was 422,000 passengers.