Sunday, December 14, 2008

Air France

Air France
has announced major changes for its North America network in 2009 with regards to capacity and frequencies. The main highlights are as follows:

YUL - frequencies increased from triple daily to 4 times daily during Summer 09 using double daily A 343s + daily B 744 + daily B 772ER. For Winter 09-10, it will be a triple daily operation instead of double daily using A 332 + A 343 + B 773ER each respectively.

- capacity increased for Summer 09 to daily B 744 from daily A 343. For winter 09-10, it will be using their premium B 772ERs instead of the usual A 343.

IAH - double daily seasonal summer season flights reduced to 12 weekly i.e. daily B 773ER + 5 weekly A 332.

DTW - capacity increased from daily A 332 to daily B 772ER from June 2009.


AF seems to be taking full advantage of the recently concluded EU-Canada open skies accord. This move seems to be designed to safe guarding their dominant position on the YUL-Africa, YUL-Europe and YUL-Middle East market segments as well hoping to increase it. Another reason is probably due to BEY-CDG being increased with an additional 4 weekly flights for which feeder traffic generated from YUL will be crucial to the success of this flight.

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