Tuesday, October 2, 2007

British Airways

British Airways has officially confirmed that it has placed a huge order for 12 Airbus A 380s (plus 7 options) + 24 Boeing 787s (plus 18 options). It will decide next year on what aircraft is best suited to replace its large fleet of Boeing 747-400s as it confirms that the A 380s it has ordered is not a direct replacement for their B 744 fleet.

However, it has been confirmed that the 24 B 787s ordered are a direct replacement for its fleet of 21 Boeing 767-300ERs.

Analysis :

One can place a bet on a bunch load of Boeing 777-300ERs being ordered to replace most of BA's B 744s as it would provide fleet commanlity with its B 772ERs. The other main competitor for this future order is the A 350-1000X which doesnt stand a chance as it can be delivered only after 2014-15 which not only is too late for BA but also will not provide cost savings in terms of fleet maintainence.

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