Monday, September 3, 2007


Varig of Brazil
has announced a major European expansion for this winter season which includes new flights to Paris, Rome and Frankfurt .

Details are as follows :

- daily flights from GIG via GRU to start Dec 3rd using a B 763ER. Routing is GIG-GRU-CDG-FCO.

- effective Dec 3rd, a second daily service to be launched from Brazil, this time from GIG nonstop using a B 763ER. Currently, the route is served daily from GRU with a B 763ER.

Analysis :

It seems that the new Varig management has learnt absolutely nothing from the mistakes made by the old management. The main reason for saying this is due to the way in which the CDG & FCO route is structured. Why would anyone from GIG fly to FCO via GRU & CDG when they can fly one stop on IB/LH/AF via their respective hubs! Forget that, the B 763ER is too small of an aircraft to use for such a route combination as capacity between each station has to be shared equally and the smaller capacity of the B 763ER cabin negatively affects the airline.

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juergen4star said...

Varig is not as stupid as it seems! RG had to cover those routes fast with whatever plane available. Otherwise they would have lost the routes to JJ. I am sure as soon as RG has more planes these will all be non-stop routes as in the past.