Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Egypt Air places a huge order at the Dubai Air Show

Egypt Air has officially announced that it has placed an order with Bombardier at the Dubai Air show today for 24 C Series 300 aircraft. 

The breakdown is 12 firm plus 12 options and shall be initially used to fully replace its Egypt Air Express fleet of 10 E70s. 

The realistic flying range capability of the C300 out of CAI airport during summer season can be seen on the map below:

*Official stated payload range has been penalized by 30% in chart below taking into account CAI summer weather and 105kg average pax weight 

*Eastbound it can fly nonstop up to Karachi

*Westbound nonstop up to Manchester or Lisbon

*Southbound nonstop up to Accra, Dar Es Salaam and Kinshasa


In addition to the above, MS also announced it has placed an order for 6 new Boeing 787-9s + 15 Airbus A320NEOs. The latter will be used to replace its existing fleet of 4 A320s + a few of its oldest B738s. 

The B789 will be used to expand its long haul inter-continental network with flights to Washington DC from Cairo expected to be launched as the first new route operated by this aircraft type. 

The realistic flying range capability of the B789 with a full payload of 290 pax approximately out of CAI airport in summer season is mentioned below:

* Official published range of B789 penalized by -25% 
* For Cairo-Houston, there will be a payload restriction
* No payload issues for any Southeast Asian route + Sao Paulo
* Aircraft cannot operate from CAI to Australia nonstop 


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