Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boeing reveals B777-9X configuration options

Boeing has officially released technical data info including various LOPA configuration options for its upcoming new B777-9X aircraft that is to be the natural replacement to all the B77Ws / B773s existing worldwide presently.


The standard configuration options on offer by Boeing are as follows:
  • 2 class - 414 seats i.e. 42J (flat beds 85 inch seat pitch) + 372Y (32 inch seat pitch)
  • 3 class - 349 seats i.e. 8F + 49J + 292Y

From the LOPA provided by Boeing, according to my calculations if I amend it a bit, one can get the below 3 and 2 class configurations each respectively:

Y class (3-4-3) remains 32 inch seat pitch and J class remains 85 pitch (flat bed) using the same design as per Boeing

3 class OP1 - 389 seats (8F/35J/346Y)

2 class OP1 - 408 seats (42J/366Y)
2 class OP2 - 431 seats (35J/396Y)
2 class OP3 - 454 seats (28J/426Y)

Single class all Economy (32 inch seat pitch) - 526 seats

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