Thursday, January 14, 2016

Arik Air announces Freetown and Libreville

Nigeria's largest airline i.e. Arik Air has unveiled its latest round of expansion into the West African market place after the outbreak of Ebola halted prior planned moves a year ago. 

The main highlights are as follows:

LBV (Libreville) - new 3 weekly flights to be launched effective 12FEB using a CRJ 1000 operated as LOS-PHC-LBV

FNA (Freetown) - reinstatement of flights effective 23FEB however it will be operated via ACC using a B737-800 three times per week with full 5th freedom traffic rights on ACC-FNA-ACC sector

On the ACC-FNA sector, the main competitor is Kenya Airways who currently operates a daily triangular service as ACC-FNA-ROB-ACC.

FYI ASKY used to operate LOS-LBV nonstop 4 times per week until it suspended the service in March 2015 in favor of increasing their own hub service i.e. LFW-LBV to all flights being nonstop. ASKY's current daily LFW-LBV service extends onwards to BZV.

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