Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alitalia announces Santiago and Mexico City

Alitalia has officially announced that as part of its "turn around" strategy it shall be launching 2 new Latin American destinations from the Summer 2016 season onwards. New services will be operated to Mexico City and Santiago (Chile) flown nonstop from its primary FCO-Rome hub base using Boeing 777-200ERs exclusively.

SCL will be inaugurated from May 2016 where as MEX shall follow suit a month later. 


SCL does not warrant any AZ online service what so ever and nor does MEX when AZ can easily instead code share Aeromexico (fellow Sky Team member) across the Atlantic.

These flights are in the 13-14 hour flying range time with yields being not so great at all. AZ are far better off using the plane to expand its stronger footprint in USA + launching HKG where O&D demand from both FCO + MXP is very high.

FCO-HKG - 105,000
MXP-HKG - 120,000 

In comparison, the O&D demand between Chile and Italy + Europe is very small for a long haul flight of 14 hours to even cover its variable costs! In 2014, the round trip traffic stats were as follows:

CDG - 56,000
FCO - 19,000
MXP - 10,000
MAD - 140,000
AMS - 15,000
LHR - 49,000
FRA - 42,000
BCN - 37,000
ZRH - 12,000
MUC - 12,000


Unknown said...

Where do you get the route o/d data? I'd love to know so I can do some of my own analysis for my home airport YYZ

Unknown said...

Hey, just wondering where you access yield and o/d information. I'd love to have access to this data to do research for routes ex YYZ, my home airport. Thanks!