Saturday, September 5, 2015

Etihad W15 changes

Etihad Airways has announced wide ranging capacity changes for its IATA W15 season as the carrier rapidly phases out its entire A345/A346 fleet from active service in order to reduce operational costs associated with it. 

The main highlights are as follows:

MAN - capacity increased with double daily flights all operated by a two class B773ER

KUL - frequencies reduced from double daily to 12 weekly exclusively operated by an A332

CTU - frequencies reduced from daily to 4 weekly nonstop using an A332

ICN - capacity reduced from daily A346 to daily A333

HKT - capacity increased from daily A332 to daily B773ER (2 class)

NRT - capacity increased from daily A345 to daily A346

BKK - all 4 daily flights to be exclusively operated by B773ERs

EDI - frequencies reduced from daily to 5 weekly nonstop using an A332


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