Thursday, May 7, 2015

Qatar Airways new Airbus A340-600 configuration

Qatar Airways has officially announced that it will be reconfiguring its entire fleet of 4 Airbus A340-600s into a more commercially viable high density layout. Currently, QR's A346s have a 3 class configuration seating 306 passengers i.e. 8F + 42J + 256Y

The new layout seats 372 passengers in a two class configuration i.e. 24J + 348Y thus representing an overall increase of 21% in capacity but more importantly 36% increase in the economy cabin. The first route earmarked for high density A346 is a daily DOH-KUL-DOH rotation. 


This is a much required move and makes the operating economics of the aircraft more attractive especially when fuel prices are low and its purpose is to be utilized on capacity constrained routes. I would suggest QR deploy this aircraft variant on DOH-CAN + DOH-HKG on a daily basis each respectively. 


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a (semi) normal guy said...


IF QR were to use this aircraft to COK, would it be worthwhile year-around?