Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Qantas of Australia has officially announced that it will be undergoing a major fleet re configuration with regards to its A 380s and Boeing 747-400s in particular. On the priority list, is the abolishment of the entire first class cabin from 9 B 744s and 8 yet to be delivered A 380s. These first class seats shall be replaced with an expanded premium economy cabin which will help increase the on board capacity on offer as well as allow the carrier to meet current market trends which sees minimal demand for first class seats on board a majority of its routes. The routes that will continue to see first class from 2011 onwards shall be Singapore, London and Los Angeles mainly. With this re configuration, an extra 52 premium economy seats will be added on board its B 744s.

Qantas of Australia has officially confirmed that it will be increasing capacity on the Sydney-Tokyo route in a major manner from July 5th. Currently, it operates the route nonstop on a daily basis using an A 330-300 however this shall be increased to 6 times per week using a B 747-400 (2 class configuration J/Y) along with an A 333 once a week. To summarize, capacity is being increased by 1250 seats per week on offer by QF.

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