Monday, February 15, 2010

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines
has officially announced that they have placed a mega order with Boeing this week for the purchase of 35 new Boeing 737NGs. The order split consists of 10 Boeing 737-900ERs plus 10 Boeing 737-800s plus 15 options for either aircraft type. This is on top of another order placed by the airline last month for 6 A 319s + 14 A 321s!


Just like when they ordered the A 319s and A 321s a month ago, I am once again stating my opinion which is that this massive fleet expansion by undertaken by TK is unreasonable and they are biting off more than what they can chew! What is the point of ordering B 739ERs when you already have A 321s in the fleet which can easily fly to all the high density short/medium haul destinations with the same payload !

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