Friday, September 18, 2009

Turkish Airlines

The CEO of Turkish Airlines has officially revealed in a magazine interview the short term planning strategy of his airline that will be implemented between 2010-12. The major highlights are as follows:

CMB - new flights to be launched with an A 332 and Star Alliance carriers are such as LH/LX/UA are expected to code share on it.

- subject to govt approval, it will be increased to daily nonstop flights by 2011.

LAX & IAD - will be inaugurated in 2010-11. IAD will be flown with an A 332 where as LAX will be served with a B 77W. Both routes will see UA code sharing with TK.

- currently flights flown to the city via DKR will be suspended and GRU-IST instead will be served nonstop using a B 77W.

KIN - new city in Congo, Africa will be served most likely via DKR using an A 332.

India - guaranteed to see one more online city by Winter 2010 which is likely to be BLR.

CAN - new nonstop flights using an A 332 will be launched in 2011.

- both cities will see frequencies increased by 2011 to daily nonstop terminator flights from the current 5 weekly.

- new flights to be launched most likely via BKK by 2011.

DAR - new flights will be launched either nonstop with a B 738 or with an A 332 via NBO.

B 77W fleet
- removal of first class cabin to make way for an enhanced premium economy class cabin.



TK has a better chance of making more money flying IST-ISB-IST with an A 332 four times per week versus launching new routes to DAR/SGN/CMB put together! One hopes that the IAD flight schedule is similar to ORD and YYZ to allow better connectivity via IST in both directions to key Middle Eastern and SE Asian destinations which is not available out of JFK!

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