Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways
has revealed the GDS system that it is increasing capacity to Pakistan effective immediately in the following manner:

- capacity increased from daily A 320s to 6 weekly A 345s + weekly A 332.

ISB - capacity increased from daily A 320s to 6 weekly A 332s + weekly A 320.

KHI - capacity adjusted from daily A 332 to 2 weekly B 77Ws + 4 weekly A 320s + weekly A 332.

In addition to increasing Pakistan, EY too will be increasing capacity to ATH by replacing 3 weekly A 320s with 2 weekly A 332s + weekly A 320 effective mid July.


The increase to LHE and ISB are definitely justified due the on going Umrah/Summer holiday season. One would also be interested to know that the A 345s used to LHE 6 times a week are a same plane service to New York JFK via AUH. This summer, EY seems to be aggressively trying to hurt PIA from North America from every angle which it has already successfully done in Toronto with their super seat sale promotion which caused quite a stir in the marketplace and the biggest sufferer was PIA.
With regards to KHI, EY will be flying a twice weekly same plane service on Tues and Sat from Toronto via AUH to KHI using a B 773ER which is another direct attack on PIA.

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