Saturday, February 7, 2009


KLM has disclosed that due to an economic recession taking effect worldwide, it will be reducing flights to many long haul destinations for the Summer 2009 IATA season. The main highlights are as follows:

- frequencies reduced from 12 to 10 flights per week using B 772ERs.

ATL - frequencies reduced from daily flights to 6 weekly.

ICN - frequencies reduced from daily to 5 weekly flights using a B 744 Combi.

- frequencies reduced from 10 weekly to daily flights.

CTU - frequencies maintained at 3 weekly flights using a B 772ER rather than planned 5 times a week.

- capacity reduced from a mixture of B 772ERs and A 332s to daily A 332s only.

- capacity increased from daily B 772ER to daily B 747-400 Combis.

- capacity reduced from daily B 744s to 3 weekly B 744s + 4 weekly B 744 Combis.

- capacity reduced from daily B 747-400 Combi to daily B 772ER.

- frequencies reduced from 6 to 5 weekly flights.

DTW - all flights suspended; only NW/DL operating AMS-DTW sector.

- frequencies reduced from 5 to 4 weekly flights.

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