Monday, January 19, 2009

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
has revealed that it will be adjusting capacity on selected routes for the Summer 09 season to meet demand expectations from certain market segments. The main highlights are as follows:

BLR - capacity increased from daily B 772A to daily B 773A.

PVG - frequencies to be increased to 5 times daily i.e. triple daily B 772As and double daily B 773As.

ZRH - frequencies reduced till late June from double daily to 12 weekly nonstop flights.

SGN - frequencies increased to triple daily.

- 3rd weekly flight to be re launched from mid June.

DPS - frequencies reduced to triple daily B 772As from four daily flights.

HKG - frequencies reduced from 6 to 5 daily flights.


Anonymous said...

Hey Behramjee,

Are you going to the Asia-pacific airline conference in February? Looks very interesting, with speakers from airlines, ceo's, etc.



behramjee said...

no Im not...are you? which airline do u work for? Im with Gulf Air in Canada as their Mktg Mgnr :)

Anonymous said...


I just learned of the conference dates, otherwise I would love to be there and talk to those people, and meet some college friends from that part of the world.

I've been working in international business and have been studying the opportunities for expansion within the airline industry. The potential is extremely interesting. In conjunction with these growth opportunities, I have been learning more of some airlines and companies of the Middle East and Asia.

You have very good knowledge and perspectives of the industry, that you could really be more involved with an airline in planning, operations, etc. at a higher level.
Ever think of that?