Thursday, July 31, 2008


Emirates has officially confirmed that when it took delivery of its first new Airbus A 380 from the Airbus plant at Hamburg earlier on in the week, it also signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) with Airbus for the purchase of 30 new Airbus A 330-300s plus 30 Airbus A 350s. EK's first A 333 if officially confirmed as an order would be delivered in 2012 by Airbus by which time some of its A 332s would surpass 15 years of service.


Looks like a tit for tat replacement strategy i.e. 29 A 332s being replaced by 30 A 333s. The A 332s will be most likely transfered to EK's leasing unit i.e. DAE to find customers internationally which shouldnt be a problem at all. One also believes the A 333s will be replacing some regional routes flown within a 6 hour radius of Dubai which is currently being flown by EK's B 772As and B 772ERs as the A 333 offers better CASM for such flights and similar capacity. These A 333s will also provide a "stop gap capacity measure" for the airline's fleet requirment until its first batch of A 350s arrive which will be by 2015-16.

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